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Скачать Lynda.com - Путешествующий Фотограф: Дубай (2014)

Lynda.com - Путешествующий Фотограф: Дубай (2014)
Автор: Lynda.com

The Traveling Photographer: Dubai

1h 9m

Sep 05, 2014

Dubai is a photographer's dream, a glittering city filled with dizzyingly tall buildings, beautiful mosques, and a diverse mix of people and cultures. The city is also home to Gulf Photo Plus, an annual event that attracts some of the world's top photography educators.

It all adds up to a great reason to visit the United Arab Emirates, and that's what photographer and Strobist publisher David Hobby does in this installment of his series, The Traveling Photographer . Join David as he photographs Dubai's places and people, visiting with local photographers and sharing tips for getting around, finding the best photo opportunities, and—at least as important—staying hydrated in this desert city.

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